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Bangalore based manufacturer and designer of Hydraulic Swaging Machine, Squeeze Bending Machine, Decoiling Cum Straightening Machine, Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press, Tube Chamfering Machine, Press Feeder, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Power Pack, Test Rigs, Special Hydraulic Cylinders, and Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
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Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press
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Test Rigs

Test Rigs
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Hydro Power Engineers is an esteemed manufacturer and supplier of matchless variety of hydraulic test rigs widely used for testing hydraulic pumps, manifold, hydraulic valves, automobile components, hoses and fittings up to pressure of 10000 psi.

Our designed test rigs include integral fluid reservoir, back up accumulators, all necessary panel mounted, pressure/flow controls, pressure gauges, flow meters, quick release couplings with complete electrical controls and instrumentation as required by the system. We manufacture engine test rigs and valve test rigs which can be supplied with computer/PLC control for data acquisition and analysis.

This industrial hydraulic test rig is PC controlled not only for high speed response of hydraulic system but also for speedy and precise evaluation and analysis of test results. The system consists of a pressure pump, several valves, and an accumulator unit which can be connected to any load process of interest.

The accumulator works like a battery, which has the capacity to store a limited amount of energy to be released. Using the valves, a learning controller can specify whether the load process will be driven directly from the pump, or indirectly from the accumulator. When pumping losses are relatively low, extra power can be generated and temporarily stored in the accumulator. On the other hand, when losses are high, the load process can be supplied from the accumulator unit.

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