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Special Hydraulic Cylinders

Special Hydraulic Cylinders
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A hydraulic cylinder is a linear actuator used for converting fluid energy to an output force in a linear direction for performing various jobs. Our designed fluid hydraulic cylinders include pulling or pushing in engineering applications such as in machine tools, earth moving equipments, construction equipments and space applications.

We manufacture and supply industrial hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic piston cylinder and customized hydraulic cylinders with a complete range of fluid power products making Hydro Power a "Single Source Supplier" for your complete hydraulic requirements.

Our qualified and experienced engineers have technical know and expertise in manufacturing of world class industrial hydraulic cylinder used in various applications even for the extremely critical ones.

At our cutting-edge manufacturing unit, each hydraulic cylinder is built with the unmatched features to give you job-matched top performance and proven reliability at a price that won’t stretch your budgets. Hydropower hydraulic cylinder provides reliability you can count on with the minimum maintenance year after year. Increased productivity and lower operating cost are other benefits of the Hydropower hydraulic cylinders which are equipped with the following important components:

Barrels: Hydropower hydraulic cylinder barrels are made from the imported Cold Drown Seamless Steel Pipes for reliable long life performance.

Seals: The seals are critical components of the hydraulic cylinders. Hydropower hydraulic cylinders are provided with Unique Piston Rings. For the static holding applications, special static pressure energized seals are provided, which offer positive sealing and maintenance free operation.

Piston Rods: Piston rods are made of Medium Carbon Steel and are Hard-Chrome Plated and Ground to provide a smooth, hard and scratch resistant surface for long life trouble free operation.

Pistons: One -piece, wide surface pistons of Hydropower hydraulic cylinders are made of special grade fine grained Cont. Cast Iron to withstand the heavy bearing loads, wear and impact during the operation of the cylinders.

End Caps & Tie Rods: These are the components, which are subjected to heavy bearing loads, stresses and impacts during the operation. Hence these are made out of best- suited high strength steel for greater product reliability and to meet requirement of the above properties.

The hydraulic cylinders are used for all fields of engineering that comprise of: earth moving, mining industry, construction machinery, plant engineering, defense technology, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, textile industries, railways, power plants, agricultural machinery etc.

Bellows: These are used for very low force applications in sensitive pneumatic control systems. The pressure and the spring rate of the bellows determine the amount of tension and contraction and may be used for basic servo-control systems since metal bellows have a linear spring rate.

Bore sizes: 50mm to 500mm
Stroke length: 25mm to 2500mm
Seals: Frictionless PTFE / PU seals
Max. working pressure: 350 bar

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