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Hydraulic Swaging Machine

Hydraulic Swaging Machine
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Our company has expertise in manufacturing of world class industrial Swaging machines which are used in various industrial applications. Swaging machine is mainly used to achieve reduction in diameter of the pipe or solid rod compared to the original size to a desired length. Our Hydraulic Swaging Machine depicted in the picture is a linear Swaging Machine which is based on cold forming process.

This hydraulic pipe swaging machine can be used for swaging both solid rods, as well as pipes which is hydraulically operated. The advantage of the machine includes reduction in raw material wastage, high productivity, no stress concentration, low noise and low temperature process.

Our manufactured swaging machine is controlled by PLC. Swaging length can be infinitely set by the operator via MMI. We also manufacture and supply hydraulic swaging press machine, hydraulic hose swaging machine and hydraulic powered swaging machine.

  • Max. diameter of the swaging component: 101.6mm

  • Max. swaging length: 500 mm

  • Max. swaging force: 150 ton

  • Max. power consumption: 40 HP

  • Raw material: Mild Steel/Stainless Steel

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