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Bangalore based manufacturer and designer of Hydraulic Swaging Machine, Squeeze Bending Machine, Decoiling Cum Straightening Machine, Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press, Tube Chamfering Machine, Press Feeder, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Power Pack, Test Rigs, Special Hydraulic Cylinders, and Hydraulic Scissor Lifts
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Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic LFI Moulding Press
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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Power Pack
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Hydraulic Scissor Lifts


Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press
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Hydro Power Engineers has a team of well qualified and experienced engineers engaged in manufacturing and designing of unmatched automatic hydraulic press.

Our company supplies semi automatic hydraulic press of up to 500-tonne capacity in 4-piller type, H-frame type & 50 tonne in C-frame construction. Blanking Press, metal forming press, forging press, deep drawing press, baling press for metal scrap, FRP presses in multiple daylights & platen sizes are being produced.

Tilting gravity die casting press up to 150 tonne & platen size 1500 X1500 with complete electrical & instrumentation are being manufactured. The industrial hydraulic press are designed and manufactured to meet customer product requirements. We also offer complete electrical & PLC controlled presses.

Hydraulic press is a machine in which a large force is exerted on the larger of two pistons in a pair of hydraulically coupled cylinders by means of a relatively small force applied to the smaller piston. They display superior performance through innovative ideas. The hydraulic presses & automatic hydraulic press range from 5 Tons to 5000 Tons capacity.

Having more than two decades in electro hydraulics, Hydro Power Engineers designed and manufactured automatic hydraulic presses that best fit to clients’ requirements. Right from a simple half tonne capacity bench press to 2,000 tonnes capacity high-speed electro-hydraulic trimming press, our company has developed technology and capacity to manufacture complicated automatic/semi automatic hydraulic press.

These hydraulic presses and automatic hydraulic press best fit to various applications including sheet metal working, power metallurgy and for forging industry.

We offer a huge range of hydraulic presses which are custom designed to individual specifications and features manufactured with high quality materials to withstand hard use and to offer a wide range of engineering and operational advantages to the users along with the longer trouble free operation life.

Applying years of engineering knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic machines, we have incorporated digital pumping system in our presses to save the power. Furthermore, triple filtration system is provided for the contamination control and pro active maintenance.

Additional Features
  • Higher Productivity

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Lower Maintenance Cost

  • Ex- Stock Availability of Spare Parts

  • Mecastal Seal cylinders for high speed long life performance

  • High Efficiency

  • Maximum Safety

  • Rugged Construction

  • Ease of Operation

  • Discovery series variable displacement high performance, load sensing Axial piston pumps

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